Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is coming!

With all of the tests I had to pass in order to start Block I next semester, I was crazy busy until Friday (I passed all of them!)!  So, we finally got our Living Room situated for the Christmas tree, had some little photo sessions and put the tree up!  Hurray! The kids love it!  And Cecilia hasn't tried to take it down!  Fantastic!  Here's some pictures!
 In a Paige Lauren outfit (that I was reviewing and get to keep!)
 Being all cute in between outfits!
 In her Christmas dress from The Polka Dot Alligator!  She does great work!
 Playing in her dress!
 Leah had to wear the pink bow, even if it didn't match!
 She did a pretty good job smiling so well and keeping her thumb out of her mouth!
 My pretty Emma!  She did so well, but I couldn't get her to put her head like I wanted!
 It still worked out though!
 She kept blinking with the flash, so this is without it!
 Kira is such a pretty girl!
 Ooohhhh, my Ben!  You can see his love for drawing, since he didn't want to leave his pen and paper!
 And this shirt was not a white shirt like I asked, but this was not a battle I chose to fight!
 All together!
Almost everyone working on the Christmas tree!

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