Saturday, December 24, 2011

OOhhhhh...A challenge!

I was reading my friend Danyelle's blog and saw that she is participating in a challenge to read over 100 books next year.  I can do that easy!  Especially with access to Danyelle's bookshelves occassionally!  That helps considerably!  I love, love, love to read!  It's a great way for me to unwind and gives me something to do while I'm feeding a baby!  I'm super excited to take this challenge!  I think the hardest part will be taking the time to review each book I read, because I do read a lot!  We'll see how it goes!  Bring on the good books (I think I'm getting some for Christmas that I might have to wait to read until the new year (which would be a HUGE bummer)!
Anyway, I'm enjoying all of the fun with family!  I've got to talk to my sisters and some of my sisters-in-law!  We hung out with Scott's family yesterday to celebrate Christmas together and we're celebrating with my family today!  My kids are absolutely geting a ton!  They're going to be oh-so-excited!  Seriously, my family's Christmas tree is way smaller than the pile of presents!  Of course, there's kids, grandkids and parents' presents, so there are a ridiculous amount of presents!  Luckily, we're drawing names for next year, so there won't be near as many!  Phew!  It gets expensive! 
Either way, I love giving presents, so I'm excited!  Hurray for giving gifts!  I'm so glad that Heavenly father was willing to send His son to the Earth and let him die for us, so that we can celebrate his birth and Resurrection!  I know I appreciate second (and third and fourth and fifth...) chances!  Happy "Birthday" Jesus!

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