Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmases past...

Since I had teh opportunity to go through tons of pictures to find old Christmas pictures, I thought I'd put the ones I found on here!  Fun, right?  By the way, thanks a TON Mom for putting pictures in by date, that made it SOOOOOOO much easier!
 Mandy and I.  Aren't we adorable?
 Look at that stack!  Huge!
 See how happy Kim is?
 With Ben at Wymount
 With Ben and Kira at my parents' house
 Sam holding Ben and Leah
 The best Wal-mart picture I have ever seen!
 Ben opening a huge present!
 Scott, Emma, Ben and Kira
 This one never fails to crack me up! 
 Ben and Kira at the Ridgeview "house"
 Ben with his daddy
 2009 at the Westerfield Townhouse
 2010 here
 When we were the live nativity in Olathe (Leah was baby Jesus)
When Ben was baby Jesus.
Thanks for visiting the past with me!

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