Friday, December 30, 2011

Tenth Anniversary

The 22nd was our 10th Anniversary! I decided to make it a Service Anniversary, because the kids were still in school!  So, I got to help with popcorn at the kids' school.  They were watching Aladdin.  I even got to sit with Kira for a little while!  Then I had to go home, so I could pack!  As soon as we got the kids and finished packing, we headed North!  We hung out for a little bit (and unpacked the car), so Scott and I could go out!  My parents are so great for watching our kiddos!  Apparently Cecilia was sad, so she got an early birthday present (a doll stroller)!  Meanwhile, Scott and I went to Jason's Deli to eat.  Yummy food, but I was very disappointed that they didn't have the yummy barbecue potato!  Then we went to Petsmart, always fun!  Then we went to Hyvee to pick up some groceries (I LOVE Hyvee), but they didn't have the baby cups we needed for a reasonable price, so we went to CVS.  It wasn't much better!  I'm not sure why sippy cups are so expensive, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to do with how much it costs to make them!  So, that was our Anniversary Date!  I was excited to get out with Scott, since our babysitters haven't been able to come in about a month!  Anywhere is fun with Scott! 

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  1. Stephen and I wouldn't mind watching the kids once and awhile. Always feel free to give us a call if you and Scott want to go on a date.