Sunday, December 18, 2011

Phew! Finals week is over!

We made it through last week!  Hurray!  I only had three classes to go to (and two had tests).  But Scott needed lots of help to get everything done and it must have worked, because HE GRADUATED YESTERDAY!  There is absolutely no way I can convey in words what this means to me!  He has been in college off and on since '97!  And now he finally has a Degree!  I am so incredibly proud of him!  We've got some applications in and are really hoping for the Bilingual Teacher Aide job!  He is fantastic at speaking Spanish and will tell anyone that asks that it is the Celestial Language!  Either way, it is fantastic!  I am so excited for him!

My girls have loved having me home!  We have been able to get a ton of cleaning done!  The basement is now my craft zone and storage!  I have a whole shelf for Photo props and accessories!  Bring on the babies!  I was even able to make a new t-shirt design! 

I still need to make more for my other girls!  I got to make food from scratch and even some cookies!  The cookies were devoured within a day!  We got to make some fun stuff!

I got to hang out with a friend, which was great fun!  I'm so glad she's a night owl like me, since we hung out after my husband got home from Teamups!  And then on Saturday I got to take a ton of pictures at Church for the Christmas Party (which I was thrilled about)!  I even edited them and got them online before Sunday!  Woohoo!

Today we managed to get to church during the opening song!  And then I had the Nursery kids all by myself, but it went just fine!  We only had one crier at the end and her dad heard her and picked her up.  She was just exhausted!  Poor kiddo!  I was very impressed with my kiddos!  I think I'll miss them in a couple of weeks when half of them move up to Primary!
Now, on to this week!  I am so excited!  I get to take a newborn baby girl's pictures (she'll be born tomorrow)!  Scott and I are celebrating our TENTH wedding anniversary!  We get to go up to Olathe and give presents (I LOVE giving presents)!  The kids are still in school until Thursday, but I get to help with my son's class party and the big school event of watching a movie!  I get to pop popcorn!  And I get to do some deep cleaning!  It has been desperately needed!  It will be a fantastic week!
How could it not be with cute kids like I have?

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