Friday, December 30, 2011

Westhoff Christmas

Today we got to head over to Jenn's house for a little Westhoff gathering.  I desperately tried to finish the DVD copies for the family!  I worked on it straight for four days (as soon as I got them on Monday)!  Everyone seemed to like them, so I was thrilled!  I love, Love, LOVE giving presents!  (No, seriously, I do!)  But, sometimes when I give presents that I have worked super hard on, I never know if they like them or not, because either the gift isn't acknowledged or it is and then I never see it being used.  I know it's silly of me, but it's how it is.  So, I was super worried about how they would take it.  I was glad that they like the home video DVDs (I also made an ABC book of my husband's dad-who passed away almost seven years ago-so all of our kids got a chance to get to know him)!  Maybe it will make next year less nerve-wracking!  We got to let our kids run around together which was interesting to see.  Cecilia kept going to hang out with Chase and Hailey (the other babies) and Kira bossed the girls around (since she's so much bigger).  The other boys kept playing together and would occasionally play with Ben, but Ben had no idea how to take that, so it didn't turn out well!  He's way older than the boys (five years or so)!  Either way, we had good food, good talks, made a fun craft together and had a sweet Nativity!  Then the presents were opened!  We all love our games from Mom.  She gave us all a church game, so now we have lots of fun games to play on Sundays!  And other times!  Hurray!
 During lunch
 The three babies
 Some of the Nativity characters
 Admiring the baby
 Working on the Family Trees
 Reading together
 Present madness
Adults with a few stray kiddos

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