Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Night catchup

Speaking of which, I should probably throw out the french fries that weren't eaten for dinner.  Eeewww!
A lot has happened this week!  Scott got started on his studying for the licensing tests that he'll take next Tuesday.  I got my grade for the horrible midterm that took almost two hours!  I got an 105!  Yeah!  I totally took a picture on my cell to text to my husband!  I also taught half a kindergarten class about ladybugs!  Wow!  Now that was not what I expected and I had observed in the class to get an idea of their strengths, so I concentrated on movement, pictures and art.  They all seemed to like it, but paint did get a little on my laptop and I was SUPER thirsty when I was done!  Only one student told me that I looked like I was about to have a baby.  Yes, yes I do.  I feel like this baby is absolutely growing!  Which is great!  I won $100 gift certificate to Buttons, Bows and Baby Toes and so tonight I got to order 3 hats and only had to pay $8!  They are really cute hats too!  There will be pictures when they come in (in about a month)!  I really wish I was talented enough to make my own hats, but am thrilled when I get free ones!  I also got the first of the 12 owls I won and it came yesterday and was PINK!  So, Leah got it for her birthday today!  Look at the excitement on her face!
Seriously it is adorable!  Chenille, felt, fabric and black buttons on the front and minky fabric on the back!  Cecilia kept taking it, just to rub the minky fabric on her face!  So cute!  Leah loves it!
She also loves her other big birthday present.
I bought it at Target for $20 during the Black Friday Sale.  Everyone in the family has played with it today, so I'm thinking it was a good purchase!  Someone oh-so-kindly wrote Leah's name in Sharpie on the "front doors," so it has also been marked as hers.  Good news.
We had the opportunity to go to the kids' music classes today.  Ben's was almost when school started, so we just parked and walked down.  I felt bad, because all of the other kids were all dressed up for picture day, and my kids were not.  They knew it was picture day, which was why Ben was wearing the AWESOME shirt that he picked and the blue jeans that matched, because they are blue too (his words, not mine).  Kira just wanted to wear her new shorts.  I did get her to put a bow in her hair.  Here's hoping her clothes are well hidden in the Class Picture!  Anyway!  Ben did a pretty good job.  He didn't do the rhythm activity, sang the Water Cycle song (Science, YES!), and danced pretty well as the Gypsy Father.  You can see it here: and here
Here's Ben as he lined up to leave.
After lunch and a very short quiet time, we went back for Kira's Music Class.  They did a music story.  Leah and Emma got to sit with Kira and "helped" sometimes.
Here is her first one:
and the second one:
Here she is with a few of her friends in class.

Afterwards I took my girls and did a few pictures with the beautiful flowering trees.

Then when we came back to get the kids from school, we did their pictures too!

So, yes, we had a busy day with Leah's birthday and two music classes and LOTS of walking!  But, we made it through and tomorrow is Leah's birthday party!  Hurray!  Bring on the pink!
I just finished this awesome book, it's the 5th Gallagher Girls book and I had Sam read the first four while she was here (It was AWESOME having her here, so the kids were cared for at home) and she left yesterday, but the book came today.  I finished it (since it was fantastic) and still managed to clean and feed my children.  Plus talk to Scott on the phone for an hour and a half.  Can you tell we miss each other?  Here's my review:
Seriously, fantastic!  And I am lucky enough to have a best friend in Olathe who is going to pick me up and bring me to the Book Signing!  Woohoo!  I am incredibly excited!  And now it's Spring Break!  I'm hoping to trash stuff, give it away, sell it or store it somewhere where it belongs!  And I get to see Scott for a whole day and a half!

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