Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pregnancy emotions

I always forget the whole emotions going crazy when you're pregnant!  You'd think I wouldn't with the lack of time between pregnancies!  Either way, I'm completely emotional lately!  I have been stressed out with the whole Scott not having a job, but spending all week in Olathe for the past couple weeks, midterms at school and making sure my kids are where they need to be and picked up on time.  I've only cried twice this week though!  Now I have the weekend "off", but have to write an awesome lesson plan on ladybugs for 12 kindergarteners, plus the whole thematic unit on ladybugs!  I'll probably do it tomorrow night after the kids go to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a catch up on more cleaning day, plus find more to sell (because we have WAY too much stuff), trash/give away stuff we haven't used, plus (if I'm lucky) making something creative.  I have to do something fun for me (besides read) at least once a week!  I read all of the time, it's more of a comfort item, like a nice warm blanket.  I'm hoping the books I won are all great!  Tristi Pinkston's book "Targets in Ties" was awesome!  I really wanted to read this to stay up with the series! Ida Mae sure gets into some doozies of situations! At first all I could think was: "The moral of the story is: Don't be nosy unless you're a detective!" I was certainly not expecting all of the twists and turns thrown at me, but I loved them! They go to Mexico after saving their money, so they can vacation on their way to pick up Ren. The excitement quickly changes when Ida Mae spots a thief from the news. She proceeds to agreeing to help prove his innocence, and things get crazy (as they always do). I love what happens at the end, but was super disappointed that it ended before Eden and Ren meet up! Bummer!
I got the other two books I won in the mail today, so we'll see how fast I get to them.  I'm glad I won some books, since I was almost out and being out of books is a crying shame! 
Either way, I am very much looking forward to the weekend and just one more week until spring break!  Aaahhhhhh....

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