Thursday, March 1, 2012

My 200th Post

And it's a doozy! 
I found out that we're having a baby BOY!!!  Woohoo!  Happy Party at my house and up in Olathe (since that's where Scott and the little girls were)! 
I had my "big" Block 2 Interview today, and was so nervous for NO REASON!  Like a lot of Olathe Principals were going to drive down to interview us, what was I thinking?  There were three people there and they were super nice!  I'm pretty sure the guy that interviewed me is the same guy that Scott loved to work for when he was translating up there.  Small world and all!  Either way it went well! 
This has been a good week for me winning giveaways too!  I've won three church books (I am SUPER excited) and an owl a month for the next year!  They are super cute owls too!  I figured most will go to my kids and the rest will be decorations in my future classroom!  Or Photo props.  We'll see!
Scott has been interviewed like crazy and we're going for the Farmer's Insurance one.  We like what we've heard, so we're going for it!  It will probably be a month or so before he starts earning money which wouldn't be so bad if our last tax form would get here!  I need to go trough more stuff to sell!  I'm trying to dejunk/declutter before we move back to Olathe, because there's no reason to bring anything unnecessary!  So far I sent three huge totes of clothes to sell at the Children's Clothesline sale coming up and I have six small bags of clothes to go to the Thrift Store.  Fun times!
So, yeah, just a few of the HUGE happenings at our place (or Olathe, as the case may be)! 
As for small happenings, Kira had her musical program tonight!  Only Ben and I made it, which really disappointed her!  She sobbed before we came, for about ten minutes!  Then she kept watching the door.  I felt bad for her!  Then she started crying in the last song, because Ben was giving her the "boooo" sign!  Good grief!  I was working so hard to film everything to show Scott and his mom when they got here that I hadn't noticed!  Poor Kira!  She was already emotional!  She did a great job though!  It was eight songs, straight in a row, with no words!  I'm impressed!
 Look at that confident face!
 Doing great!
Crying after Ben booed her the second time!  The stinker!

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