Sunday, March 18, 2012

Leah's Birthday Party

I was surprised to have both sides of the family come!  Awesome!  So, we had Leah's friend Violet, plus my family and Scott's mom, sister and her kids came!  So, Leah felt very loved!  It was hilarious when she was opening presents we would tell her who it was from and she would go to hand them the present!  No, Leah, it's for you!  Oh!  She would look so relieved, like she was afraid she was opening someone else's present!  She posed nicely with each present, was enthusiastic about each present, and even said Thank you very nicely as the end (with a prompt from me)!  Either way, I was proud of my "little" three-year-old!
Violet playing with the fake birthday cake

Eating pizza and breadsticks.  Yum!

One of her Strawberry Shortcake dolls!

One of her books from her Aunt Mandy

Her Furreal puppy!  She's been carrying it around in its little purse!

Her other Strawberry Shortcake doll!

Her baby doll (as Cecilia was trying to steal her pink ball)

Her pink pony from her Aunt Jenn!  She was so excited, because it came with two other ponies too!

Her present from Grammy!  She loves it too!

About to blow out the candle

Cecilia was just plain done!  Notice how Lexi can just ignore her?  Awesome!

Leah and Natalie played around after everyone else left the table.

Natalie's face cracks me up!

Hailey is so good at walking!

And Cliff is fantastic at posing and smiling!  He's obviously been well-trained!


  1. What a fun party! Your kids are getting so big. So great to have so much family support in the area!

    1. Yes, it was fun! It was great to have so much family there to help celebrate. Yes, my kids are growing up (finally for poor Ben)!