Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homework and such

I was talking to Scott about how my week is going to go and realized I have a TON of homework to get done, most by Tuesday!  I'm super glad that my first class is at two on Monday and my sister Samantha is coming to help me with my kids this week!  Awesome!  I'm very excited to have a sister to hang out with and know my kiddos can stay at home!  Emma was so excited on Thursday when I told her I didn't have school for three days!  She said: "You can watch us?  YAY!!!" 
On a side note, Ben's prayers crack me up!  Tonight he said: "Bless Daddy that he will get excellent pay in his job and not be fired too soon!"  Scott is just "training."  He has to pass all of the licensing tests, so he can sell insurance for Farmer's.  And he has to sell 40 policies, plus 4 life insurance policies fairly quickly to get "hired."  So, we'll see!  He has a plan to study certain days and work LaborReady the other days.  So, that way he can make money while he is "training."  He's such a great guy!  I'm glad I got to spend almost a whole day with him!  I made him take his time leaving, because I wanted as much time as possible!  We got to talk a lot about why I feel I'm so emotional.  It has been hard for me getting used to my husband not being here.  He's always been here.  For years!  We are hardly ever apart, and if so, it was just for a few days and maybe once every few years.  So, this is hard for me!  His mom is loving it though, and I certainly don't begrudge her that!  Whenever we talk on the phone, I can hear how happy she is!  She has been cooking like crazy for him, so he gained back all of the weight he just lost!  They are getting a lot of quality time and I really appreciate him having a place to stay while he's doing all of the training.  She has been a HUGE help!  I am grateful for awesome family!

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