Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring "Break"

We've had Spring Break this week, but it doesn't mean what it used to!  We were able to spend the week with my family which was lots of fun!  We drove by a couple of houses that we saw on the Internet and yikes!  Not that we can buy a house yet, but it's fun to look!  Anyway, there was a ton of rain, so we had to hang out inside.  Of course we went to the "Great" Mall.  The kids had a hard time going to sleep the night before, so we had them running around on the playgrounds and walking around in the halls. 

It seemed to work, because they went to sleep at a much better time!  We also drove up to Adam-ondi-Ahman and had a picnic there (it was sunny)!  It was fun to tell my kids that that was where Adam and Eve lived!  Emma wanted to know if they had a house there!  Kira thought we were staying the night there.  No thanks, nowhere to sleep!  I took lots of pictures (no surprise there)! 
 The grandkids (minus Zoe)

 Cecilia's "picnic"

Then we headed to Liberty to go to the bookstore. 
It started pouring and even turned to tiny hail before it started clearing up enough that we got into the bookstore!  Phew!  We headed back to the house and the GPS went nuts on me!  It desperately wanted me off of the highway, so I finally gave in after getting caught in some traffic.  It took us through Kansas City and Overland Park.  The long way.  It was not a happy time in our little car.  I had Kira, Emma and Cecilia.  Poor kiddos! 
So, I was pretty frazzled when we finally made it!  I am committed to not wanting a GPS, that's for sure!  Recalculating.  Uh huh.  Then I got to go with my Mom to the Airport to get my Dad.  So, I got to learn more about the airport and parking.  After we got him, we went to Ihop!  At midnight.  But, it was super yummy!  I ate every bit of my food, no leftovers!  I was a little tired this morning, that was for sure!  But my mom and dad were already up, so I went downstairs to be with my kiddos.  I did some laundry, started a little hat (they taught me how to make these super cute "knitted" hats using a loom, so I've already made six or seven), and got the kids ready to go.  We went to Danyelle's house for lunch with some of the other church ladies that I've missed!  Hurray for good friends!  I had lunch with two authors!  Yeah, my friends are super cool!  Our kids did pretty good too! 
We left to hang out at Grammy's house for a little bit, but it started to rain and the kids were playing outside, so we had to go.  They were pretty busy, so we didn't want to bother them.  We went back to my parents' house and I started getting things ready to go and tried to clean the Living Room and Dining Room.  The Westhoff Tornado had done its work of destruction!  Anyway, we were able to leave a little after dinner and get Scott.  Hurray, home again, home again! 
We needed gas as soon as we got to the gas station here in Emporia and got 10 cents off!  Woohoo!  It was already ten cents cheaper than Olathe, so I was glad we waited!  We got our house key from my friend who had fed the fish for us while we were gone and came HOME!  The kids were pretty excited to be home!  I know I am!  It's great to "vacation" and visit with family, but it's nice to be home and back to the familiar.  I'm still looking forward to the move, when I can see family and friends more often, but it's great to be back!  For my last day of Break, I'm driving to Wichita to go to an author signing-Ally Carter!  I'm super excited!  I've got all of my books, plus my sister's!  Hopefully, super cool pictures to be posted tomorrow!

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