Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time Out with Kira

Well, first I was excited to get a ton of clothes for Joshua and Cecilia for only $30!  What a nice lady!  She even let me pick what I wanted!  So, I'm feeling more prepared (which I LOVE)!  Then we had lunch and I took Kira with me to Wichita.  I had no idea how crazy expensive the tolls were!  $4 each way!  Yikes!  So, that plus the half a tank of gas, plus being hungry, so we had to eat, added up to an expensive outing, but SO worth it!  Kira and I got to meet Ally Carter (author of the Heist Society and the Gallagher Girls books)!  We had her autograph all of our books, my sister's and bought one for my friend who wasn't able to come.  Kira thought it was the coolest thing ever and really wanted me to let her have a book.  Nothing doing, she's seven!  But, we had fun together!  We got to talk a lot, which was nice! 
Waiting in line

Kira and Ally Carter with the book she had just signed

Ally Carter and our HUGE stack of books.  She was really nice though, and didn't mind at all!
This was a super cool bookstore.  It was small, but has author signings weekly!  The Pioneer Woman Cook is coming too!  Although I won't be making that trip again anytime soon! 

We made it home past El Dorado Lake (which Kira says looks like Dr. Seuss did it).  I dropped Kira off to pick up all three of my little girls.  I was going to just take Emma, but nothing doing.  They all wanted to go (Except Kira and Ben).  They had to go to the bathroom, of course.  Usually when we're about halfway through the store.  Oh well!

I was exhausted, so my house is a wreck.  None of my children are doing chores, because someone destroyed the chore chart.  Gggrrrr!  So, I really need to make a new one to help my children remember this is everyone's house. 

Today Leah made it through the morning and all of church with panties on.  After church she had an accident.  In her shoes.  Fun times. 

The great news is that the roast turned out fantastic, as did the rolls!  I tried using cook time and it worked!  The roast was cooling as we got home and the hosue smelled awesome!  I am definitely a meat and potatoes girl!  Especially when I'm pregnant with boys!

I was falling asleep writing this, so I took a nap.  It took awhile, considering all of my children want to be with me.  And somehow I'm supposed to figure out how to get them cared for while I'm in school.  Until the end of the semester.  For free.  That's the hard part!

They're super cute though!  And they clean very nicely when helped!


  1. Thank you so much for nabbing a book for me! You are awesome! I was so sad I couldn't make it. I'm definitely going next time.

  2. I was sad you couldn't make it too! I might have went earlier and listened to her talk! Whoops!