Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I started my kiddo book!

Yesterday I was able to talk to one of my teachers from a previous semester, and she was the one that I told about my idea for a series of books to help kiddos learn about those with different abilities.  She loved the idea, but I've been so crazy busy that I hadn't sat down and written it out!  So, as I walked to my car I got it restarted in my head and started writing as soon as I got the kids from school.  I now have all the text out, I just have to draw out the pictures.  Which I LOVE to do, so after Cub Scouts, I'll probably work on that!  Either way, I'm glad something good came out of having to miss my little girls, although I'm still working up the nerve to call people to ask for help watching them for me, so I can keep them here!  It's really just Tuesday and Thursday that I have to have help for the day!  Monday and Wednesday are for only an hour.  I miss my little girls!  It doesn't help when I hear Cecilia scream and Scott tell me that she's bleeding.  Aaaahhhh!!!  My baby!

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