Sunday, March 4, 2012

The latest craziness

Scott spent a lot of time sleeping and while doing so had some deep thoughts (which are always good) and he realized he doesn't want to sell insurance.  It was nowhere on his long-term plan to get a job that required him to be away from family a ton and hardly make money for a significant amount of time.  So, now he's looking for a job that will provide well enough for us, that will last at least a year, so I can get a job and he can go back to being Mr. Mom as he does aquaponics and such to earn extra money. 
We'll see how it goes. 
In order to encourage the craziness that is the whole going back and forth to Olathe, I sold my Cricut and am in the process of selling all of the cartridges.  That way we can afford the gas, plus pay bills!  Hurray!  He has another interview on Monday and a job fair on Wednesday, so my prayers are that he'll find something!  He's awesome, so I'm sure someone is going to realize that and snap him up!  Then I'll have to figure out how to care for my girls while I'm at school.  Yeah, not looking forward to that at all!  In the meantime, I'm oh so grateful for the help we have!  My family and friends are the greatest!

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