Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And to add another thing...

 Scott and the girls
 Scott helps her score!
                                       She had a hard time deciding between her dad and Papaw!
                      Me at 36 weeks and below is Leah without her thumb in her mouth (a minor miracle)!
I went to get the kids from school yesterday and noticed Ben has a chipmunk cheek!  So, he was going to have to stay home from school today and I need to get him into a doctor.  Then this morning Kira wakes up with a sore throat!  Since Scott is off of his antibiotics from his Strep, I'm assuming that's what my kiddos have.  So, in about an hour I get the opportunity to take 3 of my 4 kids in to have them checked for Strep.  If any of them are positive, I'll go ahead and ask for a Script for me too!  The last thing I need is to have Strep for finals!  It sounds nasty!  I have my first Final tomorrow morning, first thing.  Am I ready?  Nope!  Here's hoping that I remember to study after I put the kids to bed tonight!  Well, after Scott puts them to bed, since I have Cub Scouts.  So. Much. To. Do!  It'll all be over in less than a week!  Well, the school semester at least!  Then I move on to the better cleansing of my house, so I'm ready for a new baby to join us and people coming for Ben's baptism!  That's fun and exciting though!

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