Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, it's definitely getting closer (labor and having this baby that is).  Which is always great news!  The only problem is the lack of sleep.  I think tonight if I can't sleep I will be studying for finals tomorrow!  Hurray for finals almost being over!  I'll be done at Tuesday at noon!  And then a break until the second week of January!  I even have no school when my kids have school, so I have more time tog et things done and my house really clean.  So, I'm ready for the baptism on Saturday and this cute little girl joining our family (whenever she comes).  It'll be fun to make yummy cookies and food for family, since I love to cook!  I just don't have much time right now with school and all.  It'll be nice to get some food frozen, so I'm ready! 
I've noticed that I'm not very patient with my poor kiddos at church.  It's been a long time since I was 2, 3 and 8, so I can't possibly figure out what is going on in those kids' heads.  I mean, really, who picks on an autistic kid in front of his mom?  I was MAD!!!  I informed him that he was not to pick on my kid, because it was a really bad idea.  Number one because I'm his mom and I'm standing right there, and number two, Ben goes crazy and there's not much I could (would) do to stop him, if someone is purposefully picking on him.  I just think those kids are not good examples for my new Cub Scout.  Then in Nursery, oh, nursery.  I love those kiddos, I just have a hard time comforting them when they're sad (I don't have much of a lap and usually Leah or Emma are right there).  Poor kiddos, it's hard being "left."  I really need to make that book and figure out a way to print it out for all of the younger kiddos for a Christmas present.  That way they can have their own copy for home.  Maybe it would help?  I just feel so bad that there isn't anything I can do!
 What I found when I left class early to help Scott, because Ben had a Dentist appointment.  Nice!
 This would be a sunset showing our Church steeple (which I saw on the way into my Professor's house for a party)!
 Kira was very excited to make pretzels!  I bought a miz.  I think she learned that it takes a while!  She formed her letters herself!
                                           Emma was very excited about her name pretzels!
                                     Ben thought it was pretty cool too.  "Hey!  That's my name!"
                               Leah got regular pretzels, but was perfectly willing to say, "Cheese!"
                                Leah sleeping on me.  She left her crackers.  Wasn't that sweet?

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