Friday, December 3, 2010

How do I do it?

People keep asking me, "How do you do everything?"  Um, one step at a time?  I only have one kid at a time, at the least about 17 months apart, so I have time to recover and effectively forget how miserable the labor was before the next time.  I can only do one load of clothes and one load of dishes at a time.  I can only clean one room at a time.  Usually I ahve to reclean that room three times in one day if I want it to stay clean.  I'm only going to school at one school at a time and I'm only taking 12 credits!  I'm not working, because I can't find a job that will work around the horrificness that is Emporia State University.  You're supposed to take clases in a certain order and they are only at certain times, usually there is a MWF and a TTH option.  That's it!  So, no job for me.  Except for the 24/7 job that being a mother is!  The middle-of-the-night wakeups from nightmares, the waking up from a dead sleep to brush their teeth, change diapers and soon feed the baby.  Ah, the thrill of being a mother!  When you have to be up late at night anyway, so you have an excuse to be up late reading a good book or watching reruns of shows that you've never seen before!  Good times!  
I love my kids!  They are so funny and so right on with what they say.  Or don't say for that matter.  Leah loves it when I bounce her on my leg like it's a horse.  She just giggles and giggles.  No matter how sore my leg may be, I keep doing it, loving her laugh and big smile!  She just said "hi" to every page she looked at ina  book and then proceeded to kiss the page which I told her was yucky.  So, she licked the page.  Super yuck!  She started scratching her tongue, so she must have agreed with my assessment!  She also keeps pointing to my big ol' belly.  So, I explain to her that there is a baby in there, to which she responds by hitting my belly a few times and moves on.  She is not going to be a happy camper about a new baby.  She loves baby dolls, but I doubt that the love will move onto a baby sister very quickly.  We'll see! 
Emma has started telling stories and knock-knock jokes.  They make no sense, but she thinks they're hilarious!  You can't help but laugh when a kiddo laughs, whether it's appropriate or not!  Emma tells it like it is and will gladly tell others stories (true or not).  Especially if it gets her out of trouble!  Poor Ben and Leah get blamed a lot!  Even when Ben is at school!
Kira is getting very into parent time.  She started playing checkers with Scott yesterday and she was so excited!  She was telling kids at schoola s she left, "I'm going home to play checkers with my dad!"  She played a lot of times (without winning) and only stopped when we turned something on that she wanted to watch.  (Yes, I do allow tv.  Most of the time it is either PBS, I-Carly, ocassionally Disney, Extreme Home Makeover, Mythbusters, and Cake Boss.  Yep, that's pretty much our shows we watch).  Either way I was excited that she didn't throw a fit or anything!  And she wants to play again today!
Ben, oh that boy.  I wish he could sleep all the way through the night!  He wakes up sometime between 1 and 4 and stays up.  Usually making very loud noises!  He gets scared easy.  As he tells me, "I feel very vunerable in my room."  Poor kiddo!  I keep trying to tell him that if his room was clean it wouldn't be a big problem!  He could easily see there are no monsters and there would be nothing to be afraid of, right?  It doesn't hurt to try.
So, yeah, that's how I make it.  One step, one day at a time.  Usually ignoring the facts such as having no money, expecting a baby, thinking about a possible far away move, and such.  Just going with the flow that is our home, whether clean or not (not so much right now),a nd enjoying the characters that my children are.  Because without them, I wouldn't be the person that I am.  I wouldn't be working so hard to prepare a Silent Auction tomorrow night in order to get money for our bare Park.  I wouldn't be trying to figure out how to get my house looking nice for those coming in for Ben's baptism in a few weeks.  It's a great life! 

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