Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Still an incubator

Well, all I'm doing right now is hanging out with my kiddos, so they get plenty of mommy time before I can't do much (when this baby is FINALLY born)!  Leah's getting lots and lots of snuggles, tickles and kisses (she's started giving the kisses back)!  It's always hardest for the "baby" of the family!  Emma is excited for the baby and she might vaguely remember how this works.  Kira already informed me that she doesn't want Cecilia crying in HER room.  Ben is really looking forward to the baby (though he's probably hoping that they were wrong and I'm having a boy).  My kids crack me up when they're not driving me CRAZY!  I was reading one of the books my mom got me for Christmas and it talks about some things I should be doing as a mom and wife that I really want to implement.  It talks about the "Fix-it" syndrome, which I totally have!  If someone doesn't do something fast enough or "right" then I "fix" it.  Which is making it so that my children don't put away their own laundry, don't bring it downstairs, hardly ever clean at all, and expect me to do and be everything.  And that's not working out so well, and really won't be working come after the baby is born.  So, yeah, I'm taking it one step at a time.  We'll see how it goes!
In the meantime Scott is sick.  I'm really hoping it's food poisoning and not the vomiting sickness going around!  That would be the last thing that we need with the baby coming!  She may not come this week, but I'm scheduled to be induced on Monday at 6am, so she will be coming!  I really don't like throwing up, and I don't want to be doing that with a newborn baby at all either!  Heavenly Father has blessed us so far, so I can hope!  As long as we're healthy, I'm sure that I can handle stretching and stretching without popping!  Bodies sure are amazing! 

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