Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday morning

I got to thinking this morning when I couldn't sleep any more and it wasn't time to wake up yet.  Why can't I say no?  Why am I always putting the wrong things first and not paying attention to the more important things?  Like, why did I spend so much money on a Silent Auction that netted the Park about $145.  Really?  I spent at least $250 and that doesn't include all the time and money I spent making things for it!  So, I'm thinking it would have been cheaper to just contribute $1000 at the beginning and skip all this tremendously hard work and stress while huge pregnant!  The good news is that I pretty much paid for two of my daughters' Christmas presents from their mamaw and papaw!  They were raffle items and my dad managed to win both of the girls' ones!  For $5.  Not bad for $50 in toys!  I'm so grateful for my family!  They are so sweet to drive the hour and a half here to help out!  Dad, Chris, Scott and I hung out at the school (I still think its cool that I got keys to the school).  Mom and Mandy hung out with the kids!  Very nice, so they absolutely earned the toys!  Of course, the kids were super excited to spend time with some of their favorite people!  And mamaw brought candy canes for the Christmas tree!  Bonus!  So, my kids were eating candy canes right after they woke up!  Funny kiddos. 
In the meantime, I figured out that my Finals are all on two days for my regular classes.  Now I just need to coordinate with Scott to make sure that our tests coordinate!  That would be bad!  I'm still praying for this baby to hold on until after the 18th.  I can hope, since so far my kids have been very accommodating when it comes to schedule!  We'll see whether I get a Christmas baby, a New Year's baby or something different.  I love surprises!

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