Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ben's baptism!

So, I have spent the last week taking Finals (Glad that's over) and cleaning the house!  We did a good job, because the house looked fantastic!  I was incredibly nervous about Ben getting baptized!  He really wanted to, but knowing that he's afraid of water and with him being autistic, I was worried!  I wanted this to be a good experience for him and I wanted him to actually go through with it (since we had people driving in).  My whole family came into town (Kim, Chris and Sam drove from Idaho and got home a few hours before they needed to head down here, what troopers).  Scott's mom and sister Jenn (with her family) were able to come too!  It was pretty crowded at aour house for dinner beforehand.  It was great!  The kids opened their Christmas presents from Grammy, so she was able to see them open them (that's my favorite part of giving presents, seeing their faces)!  They LOVE their presents!  Scott and I liked our presents too, of course! 
We went to leave for the Church and about halfway there, Scott realized he forgot his bag.  So, we went back and got the bag to go to church.  We got there pretty close to on time and then they got changed into their baptism clothes.  Ben was very wiggly in his white jumpsuit!  My dad gave a great baptism talk and we went to see the baptism.  Scott says that it wasn't too hard to get Ben into that deep water.  He straight armed him into the water (as he put it).  Ben let go of his nose and opened his eyes under the water.  He says he got water up his nose and in his throat and that he doesn't have very good eyesight under the water!  What a great kiddo!  The biggest problem is that we completely forgot towels!  So, they used dishtowels from the church's kitchen.  My dad went to the store and bought a towel, which was great!  Ben dried his hair off with it and then wrapped up in it, since he was cold.  So, now he has a baptism towel!  He got confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and now has the opportunity to receive the Holy Ghost when he needs help!  We took lots of family pictures which is very exciting!  I love family pictures, even if I am rather large with child right now!  Then we went back to our house to give Jenn's family their presents.  They liked them!  Hurray!  I worked pretty hard on them!  After that we went to Braum's and my parents bought us all ice cream.  It's a celebration!  I'm so incredibly proud of my son!  I didn't tell him that he needed to be baptized, he chose on his own.  That's always the way it should be!  I know that our church is the true church of God and that He is very pleased with Ben for making the decision to join His church! 
Now that I have made it through finals and Ben's baptism, this baby can come any time.  Scott wants her to come now.  She is obviously not interested in coming yet.  I haven't had any contractions at all!  But, I'm doing just fine, so no problem!  Now, on to the pictures!
                                                  Grammy reading to the girls!
                                                                 I love this face!
                                We had a hard time getting him to be still for the pictures!
       Afterwards, in front of the baptism doors!  All of the Foreman Clan (including us Westhoffs)
                                                My family (check out that baby belly)
                                                          Westhoffs and Laudies
                                                           Ben and Kaitlynn now
                                            Ben and Kaitlynn when they were babies


  1. Can't believe Ben's 8 already! I remember snuggling him as a little baby- and it seemed like yesterday! Hope that baby comes soon for you!!

  2. GREAT PICTURES!!! Looks like a GREAT time. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with the family! We love you guys and wish you the best with this new baby!

  3. Thanks! Here's hoping that soon I'll have baby pictures on here!