Thursday, December 9, 2010

This contains a warning

WARNING:  This next paragraph will not be optimistic, so if you would like to read only uplifting material, this ain't it!

Are you still here?  I am!  So, I was whining to Scott earlier how I feel "done."  I'm done with this semester (well, almost), done with being huge pregnant, done with cleaning constantly, done with this school (it is completely not my favorite), done with the horrible money situation and done with the sickness going around my family.  So, I went on strike from cleaning (well, mostly, I only did a couple loads of laundry and I didn't put them away).  I pretended to take a nap, that totally didn't work.  But, I did get to go to the Math Party at our Professor's house.  He had yummy food that I didn't have to make!  Then I come home to an even messier house.  Hurray.  I have no new books to read (which is a travesty in my mind).  And there wasn't a single good show on, so I had no real inducement to do the cleaning I needed to do.  But, I put my mind to it and took the clothes out of the dryer.  Not that I can put the next load in, since our dryer works in that it dries the clothes, but it doesn't stop.  And it's super annoying to get into bed and hear the dryer and know you have to get up and go all the way downstairs to turn it off.  So, I leave the clothes in the washer overnight.  Then I decide to do dishes.  As I'm dumping some liquid down the drain, I hear it echo below the sink.  That's no bueno.  I opened up the doors to see water and nasty stuff on top of the dishes under the sink.  So, I get down lower (which isn't easy with my big ol' belly) and look.  Somehow the main pipe that's supposed to be connected to the sink drain is not connected.  I probably broke it somehow when reputting dishes under there.  With my herculaen strength.  I know, you might think I'm being sarcastic, but I have stories that prove it.  Anyway, so of course I can't fix it, so I ask Scott to look at it.  Poor guy!  Then the Elders call wanting a ride.  Sure...  Scott needs a break from our sink mess!  All I can think is that my house is a wreck and we're probably going to have to call our landlord tomorrow.  Which will already be a busy day, since Scott and I have school, Kira has a Dentist appointment, and I'm supposed to poof tortillas and meat before Scott's 11 o'clock class!  I tried to duct tape the pieces together and it still leaks.  So, either Scott figures out where it's leaking from, or I'm putting a bucket under there to catch all the water from the dishwasher, because the dishes need to be washed!
The good news is that I only have to do one thing at a time!  Hurray!  And as long as I don't think about all that's going wrong, I can think about all that is going right!  I am not in labor!  I still have high hopes to make it past my finals and possibly Ben's baptism.  I still haven't popped, no matter how big everyone tells me that I am!  We may not have money, but we already got Christmas presents and paid rent, so that's not a worry.  We'll have a break from school very soon and will better be able to decide if we're staying or going, and where we're going in May.  I can still clean, even if I may not be in the mood for it.  I am capable!  It may not be a fast clean, but a couple of hours ought to do it.  Since the baby has moved down a little more, I can breathe a little better and have a little more energy.  I waddle like a duck when I walk, but I have more energy!  I can still get myself dressed!  Always a plus!  It's not easy, but it's possible.  But, oh, how envious I am of those that can afford slip-on shoes that cover your toes!  They look so soft and comfortable!  In the meantime, I'm not sick!  Hurray!  Ben, Kira and Emma are doing better (though we do have to get Ben into a surgeon, since his tooth was broken, in the next week)!  Leah has a gunky eye, so more than likely, we'll be making an appointment for her soon.  Then I'll know how much each of my kids weighs!  Ben is 52 pounds, Kira is 63 and Emma is 40.  Not bad!  Obviously I'm feeding them well!  The even biggest and best news is that Ben ate some chicken yesterdfay!  I opened a can of chicken and he ate four big pieces out of it and said he liked it, because it tastes like tuna!  Woohoo!  If I can get enough protein in that kiddo, maybe he'll start to grow!
Wow!  This is long!  I'm sure things will get better.  No doubts there!  I paid our tithing and I have lots of faith.  Even if money remains a problem, we'll be blessed in other ways!  A healthy baby comes to mind!  No worries!

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