Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Because Christmas isn't over yet, I'm going to write about Christmas Eve!  We took a big break most of the day, which was very nice!  We went to the Starrs' house for supper and lots of fun!  Great food, friends, and fun kiddos!  It's always great for my kids to play with other kids!  Leah loves Violet and Olivia!  Emma does too!  Kira enjoys playing with Aurora and Faith.  Ben just likes to run around!  So, good times!  The kids did a live Nativity, that I am now putting on youtube.  It was hilarious!  Kira was the only one of my kids to participate, and she was an angel.  Ben kept saying that he didn't want to be King Herod, because he was bad.  "Who would want to kill a cute little baby?"  Good question!  Mary and baby Jesus both hung out in the manger.  One of the angels (Violet) tried to repeat what the angels were supposed to say and it was adorable!  We had a white elephant gift exchange.  They went by ages, starting at the youngest.  No swaps of gifts, which made it so much funner!  Leah got a newspaper and she was thrilled!  She walked around showing it to everyone!  Emma got pencils and she was pretty happy too!  Kira got some silly putty and boy's toys (she gave them away).  Ben got a Celtic Christmas cd (I'm looking forward to listening to it), I got a pecan roll (that I'm giving to my dad who LOVES pecans, since I didn't make a pecan pie).  And Scott got a Dad dvd.  Then we sang songs after hearing some musical numbers.  Ben was hanging out too close to the music, and took the music away.  Which is absolutely not good!  I'm not sure what Ammon did, but I don't blame him at all!  Ben was crying and he kept asking me, "Why can't he just be creative?"  Because it's music and you're supposed to follow it.  Kira "conducted" some of the songs along with Aurora and Leah danced!  She kept dancing where I couldn't see her.  Bummer!  Either way it was lots of fun, even though the kids were up way after their bedtime!  Thanks again Starrs'!

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    is the video for the Nativity at the Starrs' house!