Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Energy and Excitement

I was excited to have energy this morning!  I went to school and took my Music final.  Then I had lots of time (a whole hour and a half) until my next Final, so I called Scott and got an assignment from him.  I helped him and then went to my last Final!  Woohoo!  We were out of there in 45 minutes, so I was walking to my car and completely feeling every step in my belly!  I got groceries and went home to find Scott and the kids very excited to see me!  I love how whenever I unlock the door, Leah comes running, "Mama!"  It's so sweet!  Then Emma will tell me how much she missed me too.  I made lunch, ate and soon after went to my Doctor's appointment.  I gained 4 pounds in a week!  I had her estimate how big Cecilia is and she said about 7 pounds and that if I go "full-term" she will probably be 8-9 pounds.  I'm measuring 38 weeks, so here's hoping I don't go over!  I always feel so bad for any woman who goes over her due date!  I also went ahead and had a Strep Test, since everyone else (but Leah) had it last week!  I'm negative.  Phew!  I went home and cleared out my backpacks.  How exciting!  Then I picked Kira and Ben up from school.  I made cookies for Relief Society tonight.  Then I heard screaming!  Emma had decided to listen to Kira (not always a good idea).  Kira wanted to recycle glass, so she told Emma to step on our old family picture to break the glass, so she could recycle it.  Emma picked it up and cut her thumbs.  She was bleeding and screaming.  Scott called me in to help, and I managed to convince her to wash it off and hold it closed until the bleeding slowed.  I used three bandaids on the one thumb (because it was wet and hard to stick to).  About ten minutes later she was still whining and took them off, so I put a new one on and it stuck a lot better!  At twenty minutes when she was still whining I was done!  All I could think was, I'm going to have 3 babies.  What was I thinking?  I'm exhausted just thinking about it!  It's a good thing babies sleep a lot at the beginning!  Maybe I'll be surprised and the girls will act their ages when Cecilia comes.  I LOVE surprises!  Scott sold back his books and got $19.  So, Scott and I spent close to $1000 on books and got less than $100 back.  Wow!  That completely stinks!  Oh well, it's not too much of a surprise.  Obviously publishers are working with the student loan people to build up debt.  It's a conspiracy.  Or it's just the publishers inking us dry.  I'm hopefully not going to have to pay as much next semester!


  1. Buy your books off of amazon then sell them back on campus.

  2. I had better luck with books buying them from www.half.com - and then I sold them back on half.com as well. Overall I paid less for them and got more back than doing it all on campus. And congrats on all of your accomplishments!

  3. We used half.com sometimes too. It was a seriously big blessing. You'll get through this! Heavenly Father will help you(0: Hugs those babies of yours for me, and keep lookin' for the smiles(0: I'm so happy to find out you have a blog!(0: Hugs and love(0: