Monday, February 13, 2012

Feels like a long day

Although it's been a pretty fantastic day, for being so long!
I went to bed a little after 11 last night and Cecilia woke me up screaming at 12:30 and stayed awake until 1:30 or so.  I was wide awake, so I read some and finished a book (On a Whim).  By two, I was asleep again and woke up a little after 6 to get everyone up and ready to get Scott to the hospital on time.  The kids were all thrilled about the snow!  I was just glad that we were able to travel safely!  I had grabbed some snacks and juice boxes to keep Cecilia happy.  Scott went back pretty fast after we got there at seven.  We got to go back with him at 7:30ish and talked and had family prayer (we had forgotten before we left).  Then we left him, because I couldn't remember what time Kira's Dentist Appointment was, and we went to find out.  It was at 4:30, so after school.  Oh well!  I dropped them off at school super early, so they were able to get breakfast, since they hadn't eaten much.  I shared an orange with Kira and Cecilia for my breakfast!  Anyway, I went by the house to get Scott's phone, since mine is completely dead.  I still need to charge it.  Then I went back to the hospital and they had taken him back into a holding room.  So, Cecilia and I were back to hanging out in the waiting room.  Fun times.  Every time Cecilia had some stranger say hi or wave, she went running to me.  Which is a good thing!  They let us know that everything went well and an hour later, we got to go back.  Cecilia didn't like the little room, so I got to walk around after her, over and over.  But, Scott is doing well (considering)!  After he drank a ton of water and choked down some crackers and walked around, they let us go!  We went to Walgreen's to make sure they were filling the prescription for him, to Walmart to get a few groceries and back to Walgreen's to pick up the pain med.  Poor Scott was hurting when we got home, but he made it up the stairs safely!  Phew!  I put Cecilia down for her nap and we ate lunch, so Scott could nap too.  I managed to get most of the lesson plan written up before I had to go to class.  I dropped Cecilia off at Chanda's (she's so awesome) and got to class with a few minutes to spare!  After class I picked her up and Chanda gave me some of her fantastic bread and spaghetti sauce.  We went home for me to work more on the lesson plan and start on the hailstones.  I got Cecilia back into the van and we picked up Ben and Kira.  We came home for long enough for me to finish the lesson plan and send it off!  Hurray!  Ben stayed with Scott and I took the girls with me to Kira's Dentist Appointment.  There was a very happy little girl there that loved Cecilia and kept hugging her and sitting on my lap.  It was pretty funny!  She got mad at me when I would only let her have one squirt of the hand sanitizer.  She told me that she was going to tell my dad on me.  Hhmmm...  I don't think I'd get into trouble!  Kira's appointment wasn't too long and we scheduled the next two and headed back home.  I finished off the dinner prep (I had to cook noodles and heat the sauce back up), which wasn't bad at all!  We ate and now we're taking a break as Kira and Ben watch the new Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  What a day!  I'm sick of driving!  Now back to the hailstones and Valentines!  Fun stuff!

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