Saturday, February 25, 2012


I had started doing a little cleaning after a somewhat long night (I woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in my right side that came and went, it was strange)!  I took a break and got on facebook to find there was a free "webinar" on Babies and Bellies put on by Sandy Puc.  I had no idea who she was, but a free workshop that I could watch from home?  Yeah, I was here!  I managed to get my review post done in time, but after that, most of my time was spent in awe of this AWESOME photographer!  I now can better take babies pictures, mama's belly pictures and sell my work for what it's worth!  Great stuff!  I felt bad for my kiddos, because they only had my partial attention, except for the breaks.  Thank goodness for the breaks!  Seriously, it was amazing!  I'm sad that I missed yesterday's, but I can't afford $100 to pay for the whole workshop, so oh well!  I'm super glad I saw today's! 
I convinced Scott to let me "try out" cloth diapers on Cecilia to see if it's a possibility for the next baby and he agreed to let me buy a few, so I did!  They came in the mail today and it's two outsides and four insides.  Cecilia looked a little concerned when I first put it on, but was walking around super happy about it soon after!  The first change was poopy (of course), but I was able to use the clean part of the insert to wash her off, so it didn't take any wipes (strange, so I doubt it will happen again), and it was very easy to get it off in the toilet.  I washed it immediately and IT'S CLEAN!  You have to change it every couple of hours, so I did and I put her in a disposable for the night, because I don't have any cool boosters or anything to keep her from being soaked overnight!  I really like them so far, and won't have a problem washing them daily, since I should probably do laundry every day, anyway!  It's expensive to start it up (buying a ton of outsides and inserts), but nothing compared to how much disposables cost!  If you get the super expensive ones and buy ten outsides and forty insides, it'll probably cost about $250, which is about what you would pay for one size of disposable diapers!  And there's some cloth diapers that have the option of disposable inserts, so if you want to keep the cute outside when you're travelling, you can use the disposable inserts!  Super cool!  These are not your mom's cloth diapers either with the diaper pins and such.  These are one-size fits-all (up to 35 pounds) with snaps that are easily adjusted.  Now, to save up enough money for lots of them-once we find out what we're having on Wednesday! 
Ben was cracking me up.  I'm not sure what he was looking at on the computer, but he said, "That would lower our electricity bill and solve all of our problems!"  Now I'm super curious, but I'm assuming it's the solar panels thing that Scott likes to look at.  We aren't extremists or anything, but we would like to be better stewards, and we're working slowly (very slowly) to trying to do all we can with renewable resources!  Ben (our little greenie) loves it!  I just like being prepared and in all reality, saving money!

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