Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cuz I'm having a bad day...

Scott went in for a sleep study last night and then had the nerve to not do everything the doctor wanted, so he's stuck there for the day.  So, the job interview was postponed to Friday.  He gets to go down for a nap at four.  That cracks me up!  They are letting him fall asleep every two hours, and then as soon as he falls asleep they wake him up.  So, he is there in his pjs with little things plastered all over him.  I would feel bad for him if it weren't for the facts that our house is a mess, me and two of the girls have nasty noses (mine is runny), I had an IEP meeting for Ben at 8am, so I had to get everyone up and dressed nicely (that's the kicker) to get there on time, and class at 2.  We'll see how that goes.  The good news is that I won a book for my girls yesterday "Too Princessy."  I have a feeling they are going to LOVE it!  And the workbooks I got off ebay to work on my thematic unit are fabulous!  They have pictures, worksheets, lesson ideas, science fair project ideas, and activities (So Exciting)!  Now that Cecilia is down for a nap, I need to clean some, so I feel better!

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