Sunday, February 5, 2012


I'm trying to figure out my thought processes.  (One of those problems with being so very interested in Psychology.)  I don't understand why I like reading so much.  Is it because I don't like my life and want to "put it on hold" while I live someone else's?  That doesn't compute for me, because my life is fine!  But, I do love to read.  I was super excited when I found out an LDS author had full books on the Kindle for $3-4!  So, I bought three.  I read all of them and only one was good.  The other ones were obviously written for the national market, so it just irritated me.  I don't ever want to read about a girl's chest or someone looking at it.  No thanks!  So, now I'm trying to figure out the nicest ways to review books that I thought stunk based on the badness of them.  Both of them even had awesome plots, but horrible follow through.  Gggrrr!
In the meantime, I sold most of my Wii stuff yesterday (since our Wii completely broke and we aren't interested in investing in a new one).  I was oh-so-very excited, because some people are swapping me for baby clothes!  Success!  Of course, it's all baby boy stuff, but even if I find out I'm not having a baby boy, I can sell it or give it to someone else having a boy.  Like my cousin!  I seriously love to trade and would gladly live in a barter system!  Getting rid of stuff to get stuff, that would be a wonderful world!  Aaahhhhh....
And now Scott is back home.  He went up to Olathe to work for his mom for the day and ended up staying the night, because it was so late when he was going to leave.  He got home in time to eat breakfast and get ready for church and we were only a few minutes late!  Hurray!  It might have had something to do with the fact that all four girls took a bath together.  If only I could have taken pictures!  I was busy keeping Cecilia's head above water.  Deep bath water scares me and she loves a bath!  If there is water in the bathtub, I have to be close by.  Yes, I am one of those moms.
Here's some pictures I downloaded yesterday of my fun kids.
 She's actually sleeping on the couch right now too!
 Ben makes playing computer games active!
 Kira dancing
 Emma too

And Cecilia is pretty good at falling asleep once she's full!
So, that sums us up lately.  We're either sleeping, eating, dancing or on the computer.  Yep.

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