Friday, February 3, 2012

Got a lot done

I was able to write up two reviews, plus get a good start on my humongous thematic unit that is due next Thursday!  I also got two kids to their appointments on time this morning which made them late for school, but we got it done!  I made Steak and eggs for brunch to reward myself for making it through this week.  I am so tired of the gross runny nose!  It's gotten a tiny bit better, but still annoying!  Oh well!  Scott went to a job interview and they told him to call them next Thursday.  Strange.  He applied to a lot of jobs online this morning while he was up early.  So that was pretty awesome too.  I'm getting frustrated with the Sleep Test Doctor though.  He had to stay the night and the whole next day, and you don't call to let us know anything?  Really?  That just seems very rude.  Maybe it's just because I'm exhausted and have no chance of going to bed anytime soon.  No, I still think it's rude.  My girls were so excited to get my latest review item in the mail!  Even Cecilia wanted to hold the Cody Simpson doll!  She was crying and I handed it to her and she immediately stopped crying, while looking at it in amazement!  It was awesome!  Kira just wanted the guitar pick, so she got that.  Now to decide who gets the doll.  They'll have to prove themselves tomorrow!  I'm guessing Emma.  It was great though when I told them they had to do two chores to get it!  Ben said, "Do I have to?"  Well, no, you've already done your chore and I doubt you want this doll.  "Phew!"  And he happily went back upstairs.  He cracks me up!  He's using a plastic knife and fork to eat canned ravioli right now and he keeps licking his plasticware in between bites.  Silly boy!

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