Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend in Olathe

Well, you know how I was really (REALLY) sad about my little kiddos being in Olathe while I am here.  We're doing another week of it.  Sad, sad days!  Having to tell my baby(ies) goodbye is oh-so-tough!  I do not know how people in the Military do it!  Anyway, I got to go up for the weekend (with Ben and Kira, of course)!  I love General Conference!  We usually split our time between families, so Saturday at my mom's and Sunday at his mom's.  I really enjoyed Conference, but I especially enjoyed being all together as a family, because I really don't like this splitting my family in half thing!  It makes me cry too much and I really don't like runny noses!
I spent Friday prepping for the trip, getting everything they need up there for the kiddos, and going through the stuff I got from the Children's Sale up here.  I got the kids from school and we hightailed it out!  I wanted to be with my family!  The fun times came when I got out all of the cool Review items that showed up in the mail right before we left for the weekend.  Score!  So, my kids had a new movie (Lalaloopsy, very cool), 2 Doodle Rolls to color on, new bath and body wash (they so got baths almost as soon as I got there), and these Super cute shoes for Cecilia.  Seriously, Pediped shoes are ADORABLE!  So cute, I got Joshua a pair for next year (or so, depending on his size) from the big children's sale in Olathe for $10 (which is less than a third of the retail price, and they look brand new)!  Moving on, Scott and I had a stay date, where we watched National Treasure 2 (which is still as good as I remembered)!  Saturday was Conference and my Mom's Night Out with Danyelle!  We ate at Panda Express and watched Hunger Games at the AMC. 
So, Hunger Games...  If you haven't read the books, don't see the movie.  The book series is a very violent series, and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone.  The plot line is very intriguing though.  I can completely see our nation coming to that.  Having people killed and watching like it's a super cool tv show?  Yikes!  And everyone is living in poverty, except the Capitol people who are super futuristic.  Seriously, I consider it a warning that I'm taking!  It could happen, just look at all the stuff on tv.  Yikes!
Danyelle jumped out of her skin at least a couple of times, and I did at least once!  So, we ended up talking for almost two hours by our vans, which helped me not have nightmares, so PHEW!
We watched morning conference at Scott's mom's house, since she has been letting Scott and the little girls live there.  Then we went over to my mom's house (dad's in India and Kim's in SLC, I think), because it's Sam's birthday (today) and that way we could eat leftover pizza.  YUM!  We got all spruced up after enjoying the afternoon session of Conference, and headed to the KC Temple.
This is a pencil sketch version of a picture I took.  Isn't this Temple beautiful (and HUGE)?
I had originally wanted to do baptism pictures for Kira here, because I thought white and white, BEAUTIFUL!  Then, I found a white dress for Emma for only $7.50, so I got it for her.  I wanted to do all of the kids pictures, so I could hang up a picture on everyone's wall that is them with the Temple.  Only a couple of months till we're moving closer, so this will be the kids' Temple when they turn 12 and can do baptisms!  I'm so excited!  I plan on many Family Home Evenings there (probably once a month).  I hope to have a date night there once a month too.  Without further ado, many pictures!

So, fantastic pictures (and I have more, but these are the only ones I edited before I was too tired last night) and then had two kiddos get sick on the way back, then another one got sick once we were back.  We're pretty sure it's motion sickness, because they were fine right after.  Crazy!  We all stayed another night and woke up "early" this morning to leave.  Emma cried as she prayed that we would make it home safely.  I started tearing up then, but when Cecilia saw she wasn't going with us and she wanted me to hold her, that's when I really started crying!  I had to work hard to give her back to Scott, and he's a great dad!  I appreciate both of our moms for helping us out so much in this horrible time!  I really need to get over my phone phobia and beg for help here, because I can't keep doing this for another month!
Enough bellyaching from me, back to cleaning and homework!  Let the good times roll!

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