Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today as I was reading the account of the Brother of Jared seeing Jesus' finger, all of a sudden IT HIT ME:  All things ARE possible with Jesus!  REALLY!  How silly it seems that I knew that, but had not really taken it in.  I have been seriously stressing over the whole Scott getting a Sales job that probably won't make much money for years, and my kids needing to be watched over while I am in class!  Yikes!  Then I took it all to Heavenly Father in prayer and started doing all I could.  I signed up for care.com (which cost me $27) and then got an email from my visiting teacher with a name and number of someone who could help.  I called her and she can!  Just not tomorrow.  But, the rest of the month is taken care of and it's someone I know and like, so I don't have to be worried!  Phew!  Yes, I'm paying her, but I offered!  Then a girl on care.com got back to me saying she could take care of tomorrow, so I was thrilled that everything was falling into place for Kira's birthday tomorrow!  We had our FHE and dinner and Scott hightailed it out of here.  We all went to Wal-mart to get everything Kira "needs" to bring to her class tomorrow.  By the time we got home it was after bedtime.  So, it was even later when they got to bed and I was able to call and finalize things with the lady that was supposed to come tomorrow.  Her husband is sick.  Contagious even.  So, she can't watch my kids.  And it's late and I have to find someone by ten o'clock tomorrow!  I TEACH tomorrow!  And I'm supposed to eat lunch with Kira.  Bring on the white chocolate!  It was yummy.  I finished my homework, straightened up a little and now it's midnight.  Why do I get the feeling that it's going to be a hard day tomorrow?  It's supposed to be the "best day ever" for Kira.  Wish me luck!

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