Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ode to Kira

Kira turned eight yesterday!  What a day!  Scott left the night before, so when I found out that my sitter couldn't make it at 9:30pm the night before, I was super worried about Kira's birthday!  Luckily, I had a few people from the ward able to help and made it through the craziness!  We all walked to the kids' school (using our huge stroller that has two wheels that aren't flat) and Kira had help carrying her fancy schmancy cupcake cake.  Sadly, I was too lazy to make cupcakes.  Not that mine would have had cool flowers and a Tinkerbell toy in the middle.  I was late to my first class, but I had told my teacher I was going to be late anyway!  After my second class I picked my girls up and we watched Kira eat lunch (we didn't have time to get food before we met up with her) and there wasn't really room for us to sit down anyway.  Kira was super glad we came though!  The girls were glad to get food finally!  Then we ate on the way to the next house and luckily, Cecilia had fallen asleep!  Phew!  I dropped them off and taught.  I was so out of it that I left the post-test there.  Whoops!  After my last class (that ended early), I picked up my girls and then Ben.  An hour later, we went back and picked up Kira.  She was a pretty happy camper!  Until she got home and found out that her siblings had eaten all but one popsicle (and that one was the one that Ben picked, not her).  So she didn't get any of her birthday popsicles on her birthday.  She loved her Taco Soup Dinner!  She ate two bowls of it!  Then she got to stay up with me for an extra hour and we read books together (I tested my lesson out on her for my Reading class, I picked pretty well).  She got phone calls, so she felt pretty loved too.  She was very excited when she found out that her Papaw had bought her an Eiffel Tower in Paris!  Very cool! 
On to the ode to Kira, pictures of her first eight years!
 Us, before Kira peed out of her diaper.  On the Temple Grounds.
 Her first Christmas
 My one and only natural birth.  She really wanted to come today!
 Ben was so excited!  He called her "Ki!"
 With her Grandpa holding her (he passed away 11 months later)
 In her blessing dress, that I bought at the Manti Temple Pageant before I knew I was pregnant!
 It cost $10 more than I paid for my Wedding Dress.
 She's always loved to color!
 At Nauvoo
 At Sam's Track Meet
 At Far West
 With my Mamaw
 At Nauvoo
 They love each other!
 Kira's so sweet!
 She was very proud!
 At the Kansas City Zoo
 At the Park
 After she chopped her hair, she graduated Kindergarten
 In her favorite outfit, all pink!
 With her cake!  She kept informing everyone to be careful with it.  Including the cashier!
 As they walked down the Sidewalk.
 With her big present.  She loved it!
In her baptism dress by the KC Temple.  She's so pretty!  I really do take it as a compliment that everyone says she looks just like me!

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