Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Year of the Boys

It seems like a lot of us are having boys!  I am, my sister-in-law is (we went to their gender party today) and at least two of my friends that just found out are too!  I only have one friend having a girl, which is interesting!  I know I'm excited about lil' Joshua!  I got him a bouncer today (that matches the portable swing I already got him).  We're going Rainforest theme, I guess!  For those two things anyway.  I got to go to some garage sales today and I spent most of my budget on a Sit N Stand for my brother and sister-in-law, because they desperately want one and couldn't find one cheaper than $75.  It looks pretty nice and "only" cost $30.  I had $40, so I still managed to get the aforementioned bouncer, plus a bag full of clothes, shoes, a few toys, and a fraction game.  So, I did pretty well!  Last night I got the major parts of a crib and a desk with fold-up mirror for free.  Fun times!  We just drove around a little, because it was already close to midnight when we started!  Bummer!  And we really didn't have much room in the car!  So, we were lucky to get that much in!  We spent as much time together as possible with Scott and my family and then headed out.  We got some pretty good pictures with my mom's camera and Scott's phone.
 She's doing great after getting a ton of shots yesterday!
 They didn't fall in!  Woohoo!
I'm going to make this my new picture for my Six Silly Geese!  How cool is that!!

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