Saturday, April 14, 2012

Don't go out for three days

That's what my Jones Soda cap said.  I thought they were supposed to be funny sayings, not an order or "fortune."  Either way, it's been a crazy weekend! 
I was excited to get things done on Friday, but was easily distracted by entering cloth diaper giveaways.  I figured it was worth a try!  The kiddos wrecked the Living Room, and I was being lazy, so only cleaned up some (and did laundry) and packed our overnight bags and we ate lunch.  We got the kids from school and hightailed it north.  We went to my parents' house and changed into nice clothes to head up to the Temple.  Scott was already up there waiting for us.  It was nice to take a break from having to constantly hold Cecilia!  I feel bad for her going pigeon toed, due to my huge belly!
It was great!  My kids behaved very well inside (which was a miracle in itself)!  Ben commented in the baptistry about how it made sense (that the twelve oxen were to remind us of the 12 tribes of Israel).  My girls were all excited about the shiny chandelier in the Celestial Room!  I hefted each of them up to look in the forever mirrors, which they loved!  Then we got to go to the Sealing Room, which the kiddos were super excited about!  The mirrors were easier to look into and Leah LOVED the cushion at the base of the altar!  All of the girls had to feel how soft it was.  I was excited to show them where (in general) their mom and dad were sealed together forever!  The Temple is a very important place to us, and I was excited to share it with my kids!  They won't be able to see the inside again until they're twelve and can do baptisms.  The kids really liked the punch and cookie afterwards too.
I was sad that my camera battery died right before I got a good picture after we went through the tour, so I took one with my phone.  It's not the same.  Leah was crying that she wanted to go to mamaw's house and kept holding onto posts and such.  Her words weren't coorelating with her actions.  Poor kiddo!  It must be hard to be three!
We went back to my parents' house and had pizza and cake.  Kira opened presents without me there and taking pictures, so I have no idea as to what she got from whom (other than the bedset from my mom and dad).  She was very happy though! 
We did all the bedtime routine and then Laura and I went searching for great "trash" in OP's bulky item pickup.  We were out until after midnight, but got a ton!  Laura got a crib mattress, vacuum and a huge black beanbag.  I got a crib mattress, 2 of those bed things that keep the kiddo from falling out of bed, a black leather computer chair, the plastic that protects your carpet that goes under the computer chair, a regular highback chair with wooden legs, a full-size keyboard (it has one broken key and needs the cord to plug it in), a kiddo four-wheeler with the battery and charger, two toddler toys, the letters "TA" and "RA," some ties, and some wallpaper and some paver stones (the semicircular ones to go around a tree).  I think that's everything.  Completely worth the $15 in gas and lack of sleep! 
Of course Cecilia woke up early, so I got about five hours of sleep.  I'm not sure why, but it seems most of the time I go to Olathe or come home from there very tired.  Luckily, we always make it back safely!  I picked up groceries and everything I needed for Kira's party at Hy-Vee (I love their store) and then got a gas discount, so I got gas.  I went back and we got everyone and everything loaded in the car and dropped Scott off at his mom's house.  We came home and had about thirty minutes to clean and set up for the party.  Mad craziness!  Kira had three friends show up and we made tutus, poufy bows, and they ate lots of snacks as I did most of the work.  I was glad, since I bought lots of snacks!  After they left the house was a wreck again!  So, I cleaned again, and now I feel much better!  Now pictures!
 Making tutus
 Rya and Kira with her presents from her!
 Faith and Kira with the pony she got!
 The four girls with their tutus and "bows."
 Girls being silly!
 Kira's cake
Cecilia made a mess!

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