Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dream Scene

I just started reading a finance book and the first thing they tell you to do is come up with your dream.  If you had all the money you needed and never had to work again, what would your perfect day look like?  I have a really hard time imagining having all the money we need (since we're on our sixth kid and Scott really hasn't started working yet, so close though).  But, I do love to dream, so here goes!
I would wake up in the morning, next to my husband in a nice memory foam bed, so my back isn't killing me when I wake up.  My room would have a large mural of the Swiss Temple and mountains for us to see when we wake up-that I painted.  We would be able to go downstairs and have breakfast together as a family at a table that was big enough for all of us-without crowding.  I would have been able to cook breakfast in my very own kitchen in a house that was ours-not rented!  The kiddos would all be able to fit in one vehicle (a current problem) and I could bring them to school, so I could get to my "work."  I would go to my studio to take pictures of adorable babies, families, etc.  Then when I was done for the afternoon, I would get back to work on my children's books about different abilities-using pictures that I had taken on our family vacations around the world to see different animals.  I would check on my husband who would probably be outside in our large you-pick-it orchard or in one of his aquaponic greenhouses, to see what he wanted to do for dinner.  He would pick the kids up from school, as I finished editing the portrait sessions from the morning.  It would be Friday, so we could go to a movie as a family after we get something yummy and healthy to eat, maybe a salad bar or chinese food.  Then we would pack for a fun Spring Break trip to Walt Disney World where the kids could have a blast enjoying themselves and swimming with dolphins!  We would have no debt, including student loans, would have enough in Savings to live for a year without a problem, and wouldn't feel so stressed.  Dreaming super big- they'd come up with a way for Scott to handle his Bipolar without lots of medication and Ben would be almost off the Autism continuum and dealing well with his ADHD.  We would be able to visit distant family once a year and let our kids meet their cousins (not at a funeral).    Yep, that's my dream.

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  1. Your post inspired me to write about my big enough kitchen table! Thank you. Someday your too small table will become too big.