Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Big Day

Kira with her Papaw

After her baptism and confirmation

With her beloved new scriptures and hymnbook.

Ben and Aurora, apparently they love each other.

Emma and Leia

You can see most of my girls in this one.

Leah did fine sitting by herself!

With the pinata

Playing with their toys

Her cake

Ben got two sticks to help flame up the candles

Leah and her bestest friend Violet

Emma conquered the turtle

Lots of kiddos on the spiderweb

Yesterday Kira was baptized by her Papaw (my dad).  I think she did a fantastic job!  She prepped some in the bathtub the night before holding her nose and going backwards.  It seemed to work, because it only took one dunk (which actually surprised me, considering her behavior lately)!  She felt very loved by the people who came to celebrate with her.  I'm glad she didn't realize who all wasn't able to come, phew!  She had a beautiful confirmation and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  I'm incredibly proud of her for making the decision to be baptized!  I didn't push her, and let her choose on her own.  Afterwards we took a whole bunch of family pictures.
We told everyone goodbye and went home to change clothes and head to Leah's friend Violet's birthday party.  That was a blast!  The kids got to ride on a little train, that went pretty fast.  Ben sat by Aurora, and apparently they love each other.  I'm glad her mom let me know!  They held hands to sit by each other on the train.  Then Ben hung his head off the side like a puppy.  Good times!  He's still a kiddo, that's for sure!  He played with her a few times, but mainly concentrated on downing some serious amounts of food!  I was impressed!  Violet loved her present!  After the party, we went to the Zoo (that's right by the train) and their family was there too, so our kids played more together and looked at the animals.  There aren't many animals at our zoo, so it doesn't take long.  I enjoyed being downwind from the roses!  Aaahhhh...  I kept the kids away from home as long as I could, so Scott only had Cecilia for almost four hours.  I took TONS of pictures, and made the mistake of deleting half of them before they were all downloaded.  Whoops!

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