Thursday, April 19, 2012


I love Thursday nights when I'm done with school until Monday!  I think:  "Ahhh..."  Until I realize that means doing homework that would be good to get ahead on and cleaning like crazy and going through more stuff to see what I can get rid of/sell/pack away.  Yep.  Fun times.  To any and all single mothers out there, I'm beginning to feel your pain!  I really don't like having my husband away.  I can't ever ask for help and get it.  I have to do the dishes, trash, laundry, cleaning, cooking, bathing and clothing kiddos, watering plants, feeding fish, etc.  I"m glad that I was lucky enough to get someone in the Ward to watch my kiddos for a very reasonable price!  Luckily, I only have a few more weeks of school, until I have a break!  In the meantime, here's some fun pictures from this week:
 On the scavenger hunt for my IT class
Launching my pretty rocket.  It didn't go far, but it looked cool!
Either way, I'm excited to see my husband tomorrow!  I just need to get a ton done, plus find my phone charger, and grab the stuff Scott needs.  He gave me a little hope that we can get a loan for a house.  We just have to come up with four thousand dollars or so.  Bwahahaha!  I'm not picturing it.  And most of the houses we liked before are at the "show for backups" stage, so not much chance there either.  Oh well!  I'm sure that whatever Heavenly Father wants to happen will!  Maybe Joshua wants to be born in Emporia.  I desperately hope not, but maybe.  I really don't want to be moving with a newborn or trying to commute to Olathe from here.  No thanks!  But, I am looking forwars to Bulky Item Pickup tomorrow.  As I rub my hands together in glee...

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