Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy days are here again!

Although we ran a little late getting the kids to school, it was a pretty great day!  Erika came and she was able to watch the kiddos for me all day!  So long as all goes well, she will be doing that for the next month!  Woohoo!  It's so nice to have someone trustworthy to watch my kiddos while I'm gone!  Classes went well, I got a 40/40 on my monsters, which is great considering they are now in at least six pieces!  Not so durable after all...  They weren't fantastic looking, but I really should have taken a picture before I let the kids play with them.  Oh well!  Megan (who's in my art class) took me to Sonic to get a drink before the next class.  Nice!  Turns out she did it in order to keep me out of the classroom while they set everything up for a surprise baby shower!  I was certainly surprised!  I got presents for Joshua, plus food for the both of us!  He obviously liked it, because he's been moving around like crazy the rest of the day!  We had burritos, nachos with cheese dip, cookies and cupcakes.  Yum!  The Ladies of Block I (Afternoon) gave me a super cute diaper "cake" that was actually a dog stuffie (that sings the ABCs) riding a tricycle.  Super cute!  It had blankets, socks, hand sanitizer, and diapers (of course).  They also gave me a box of size 2 diapers and four cute saying onesies!  Seriously, so sweet!  This is my sixth kiddo and people are still willing to celebrate with/for us!  A great group of women!
 Isn't it awesome?  Cecilia especially loves the dog!  She keeps stealing it!
 Everything but the box of diapers.
 Cute shirts!
 More cute shirts
The card from everyone!
I managed to get the kids from school in the rain, made dinner, got more homework done and bragged on these awesome Ladies!  I think I can finally go to bed!  Hopefully this heartburn goes away soon!

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