Monday, January 30, 2012

Next Book Review

I got Family by Design by Heather Justesen in the mail today and already finished it, so that should tell you something!  I LOVED it!  I'm so glad that I paid full price for it (even though I love a good sale)!  Luckily I got the companion novella for free and that helped my bargain-conscious mind.  Anyway, on to the book!  Rena is the epitome of the older than 30 Single Adult who is dying to have a family and desperately wants to find Mr. Right.  She is dating someone, but there's no spark.  She still considers him, because she is starting to feel desperate.  On the other hand, Tucker is her best friend and has a LOT going on!  His brother and sister-in-law die in a car accident, telling him that they want him to get their two kiddos, but as a Marine and businessman, it is a concern to the Social worker.  Tucker comes up with a great plan to propose marriage to Rena, since they are best friends, get along great, and obviously they are both sadly single.  Rena starts to consider it, but when he kisses her, her doubts fade pretty fast.  So, she says yes and they have about two weeks to plan a small wedding.  In the midst of it all, the kids and their Great Aunt get into a car accident and the kids are fine, but she's stuck in the hospital for awhile.  Then they have to work, plan a wedding and take care of two kids.  Chaos ensues.  Poor Rena is suffering through all of these random mistakes at work (turns out they aren't her mistakes), and has to fix things in the midst of the hurried preparations.  They get married in the Temple (Aaahhhhh...) and start working on progressing from friends to spouses to find...Du duh dum...To be continued when you read the book.  It's great!  I promise!  You will laugh, cry, and feel their pain and joy!  P.S.  Heather if you read this, I want to know what happens next!  I read the novella to hear about Chelsea, but what about what happens in ten years.  How does she handle mommydom with her awesome interior design work?  I'm curious!

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