Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exhaustion is setting in...

I finished this semester of school yesterday.  Woohoo!  I have sold enough things to almost pay what we owe on our deposit for the new place.  Today I picked Ben up early from school and arranged for a friend to get Kira (she was on a field trip) and we all headed up to Olathe.  I dropped the kids off with Scott and went to the Elementary school where we met for our Pre-orientation to Block 2.  I looked at the schedule and where the school is that they're putting me at and I wanted to cry.  I am through and through a breastfeeding mom.  For the first year, at least.  This told me that the only way I can do that is through a TON of pumping.  What is the likelihood that they're going to give me time to do that?  Slim to none.  I am just a student and am paying (out the bottom) for the privilege.  The people at the school I am going to sound awesome though!  I got to meet the Principal and a lot of the mentor teachers and it sounds like a great school that is very much a family community.  So, that was the best part of the night.  The whole starving (there was cookies, orange slices, grapes, cheese and crackers and lemonade) for three and a half hours.  I expected real food, since we had to be there from 4:30-7:30 (it ran over, of course).  I'm not sure why I did, but I did.  Oh well.  Then we were informed how many extra fees were going to be added on this next semester, what all we needed to do to prepare, what we should wear, etc.  Modesty is not an issue for me, but the cost of that many business casual clothes?  Yikes!  Add to that the TONS of books we have to get for the semester and I'm feeling very overwhelmed financially.  Plus we have to take the PLT and Content tests, which cost about $220.  So, it's looking like a considerable amount of my needed student loan is going to go to all of that, and not to housing, bills, etc.  Bummer!
We got to leave at about 7:45 and I met back up with Scott and the kids.  He had been busy and hadn't taken them by our new place (which we really needed to do), so he hopped in with us and we went and looked at the place.  The bedrooms are a good size with good closets.  The living room is tiny.  The house is a WRECK!!!  Scott is painting, but there are roaches everywhere (which grossed us all out)!  There is paint peeling in the bathroom and it just looks like the place was trashed and we're going to have to clean it up.  I don't handle insects well at all.  Especially when I'm paying twice the rent that we're paying now, for a place without a basement!  It does have a garage, but it's only for storage, it has vents in there, so it's not safe to park there.  Really, I'm very disappointed with the landlord for even showing this place at the level it's at (and that's after Scott has primed alot!  There was orange trim!  On purpose!)  I'm praying we don't have to live here more than a year, because I was obviously lying when I told myself I could live anywhere for a year.  I was more imagining a bad place with a lot lower price point.  The kids were all talking about how ugly the place is and how there's bugs everywhere and it has a small backyard.  They were thrilled about the stuff in the garage though!  It's the stuff I picked up from Bulky Item Pickup!  So, something is good here!  Phew!
We dropped Scott off and he gave me some fruit, so I could make it home!  We picked up Kira and came home.  I'm sneezy and my nose is running a lot, but we made it through this crazy day!  Hurray!

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