Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's going to be a weeklong day kind of day

I just have a feeling!  Probably due to the fact that Ben was up at 4:30 and deperately wanted someone awake with him.  And the girls constantly waking me up at 6 to complain about a toaster strudel dictator.  Then Cecilia has a runny nose and I have a sinus headache.  And my house has been wrecked, but I have to bend over to clean and that hurts my head.  The kids had a hard time sitting still for scripture time too.  Good times ensue.  Leah did go potty though!  That's exciting!  She has to have me hang out while she does, but that's fine by me! 
Bring on the cleaning and laundry and such.  I can do it!

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