Monday, May 21, 2012

Sick and tired of being stressed out

I found out today that we're not getting my financial aid for summer until the 4th.  Which would make it so that we are not able to move this weekend.  And possibly not at all into the place that we've paid a deposit on and Scott (and his sister Jenn) have done a ton of painting on!  Gggrrrr....  Who thought it was a good idea to give six days to pay for a class, especially since it takes three to five to get into the bank!  These are online classes, so you don't have to be on campus and there's no way you can get a book for a class in one day if you're not on campus.  Summer school.  Blech!  Okay, moving on.
The good news is that Cecilia is having a blast being the only kiddo at home while Ben and Kira are at school.  She's currently napping, which helped me get a lot done!  I should probably get back to it!  I need to build up enough stuff for a garage sale that will earn $1000.  Fun times!

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