Saturday, May 12, 2012

Great news

I am so incredibly excited!  I was super worried about having Joshua a couple weeks before school starts back up, since I'll be gone all day long, but this morning I found out that I won a Simplisse Electric Double Breast Pump!  Hurray!  It sounds fantastically awesome!  Check it out here.  I feel like Heavenly Father reached down and said:  "It's okay Tamera, you can do this!"  I was super worried, so the peace that came made it so much better!  I'm feeling very grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who helped me take out two of my worries in one day!  My Pell Grant got split between Spring and Summer, so school will be paid for the Summer, and I'll have the money I need to buy my textbooks by July 1st (which is a requirement).  Phew!  Now I just have to sell everything we don't want to trash or move and MOVE!  The landlord promised to give us the keys as soon as we pay the rent for next month, so we'll be able to move right after the kids get out of school.  At least start moving.  Either way, Cecilia and I are feeling considerably better and things are going well again!  Hurrah for Israel!

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