Sunday, May 6, 2012

We have a place up North!

On Friday afternoon I gave in and paid the $85 (BOOOOO!!!) to rentsourceinc to find info about rentals in the area.  They, of course, have all of the Craigslist listings for rentals in their database and you can only get the landlord's info if you pay.  So, I did, found out that one of them had most of what we were looking for and it was in the kids' old school area!  Success!  With Ben having Autism, I try to not stress him out too much and this was something that I really wanted to do!  So, good news, Scott was able to go see it on Friday night and talk to the Landlord.  He put down most of the deposit yesterday and will put the rest down next week.  Plus he gets to paint all of the walls and ceilings, in order to get our rent lower.  My husband is such a hard worker!  I'm looking forward to seeing it on Thursday, although I hear it's about like the place we're in, without a basement or back porch and with a garage.  Only twice the price as here.  Bring on the budget sheets!  We're moving!

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