Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sad journal

Wow!  I had a whole big journal dedicated to about one year and it was a miserable year about six years ago.  We were looking into moving and/or buying a house and poor Scott was having a super hard time!  Here we are six years and almost four kids later and haven't progressed much at all in the house area.  Scott is doing TONS better and we have some pretty awesome kiddos, so we're doing much better in that area!  I'll take it!  Scott has graduated from College (with a useless degree) and I'm about to start two semesters of Student Teaching.  Right after I have this baby boy.  I'm absolutely an emotional eater!  I've gained almost 12 pounds in two months.  YIKES!  Scott not going to school has really affected our finances.  Especially with him in training (for a really long time) and working for his mom!  Plus the whole having him in Olathe and still having to do stuff here has been mad craziness!  I'm looking very much forward to moving on to this next phase of life when Scott's able to work regularly, I'm done with school and we can save up enough for a downpayment on a house!  I'm thinking another six years ought to do it!  In the meantime, Scott looked at a place yesterday and it's going to cost twice as much as where we're at now, and there's no basement.  So, he's going to talk to the landlord soon.  We would like the place, but in the ad it said it had appliances and doesn't and Scott would have to paint the whole place (and he was only going to give a $300 discount).  I talked to Scott for awhile last night and he looked at a closeby place that was priced more reasonably to talk to the landlord about (as a comparison).  I hope that goes well, because it was the only place in our price range with two bathrooms in the Ravenwood School District!  I DESPERATELY want a place where Ben and Kira already went to school, so that way it won't be as bad an adjustment for Ben.  Even if he does have to be away from Aurora (a girl at school and church whom he loooves).  That was the only thing he was concerned about, was moving away from her. 
Now to start the cleaning/dejunking in earnest.
 I only have one final and a quiz next Wednesday and I'm DONE with this semester!  I think I've learned a ton this semester and I'm really looking forward to what I hear is mad craziness in Block 2 when we have classes and student teaching.  I do a lot better teaching kiddos over adults! 
Anyway, last night I had to SOMETHING fun!  I picked fabrics and cut out the "Big Bro, Big Sis, lil bro, lil sis" letters and separated them into baggies, so now I just have to find shirts that I want to put them on, iron them on, and then figure out how to embroider their names on them.  Every kiddo I have to do matching shirts for the first baby with big siblings (I started with Leah) and the shirts get progressively better.  So, I'm hoping these look fantastic!  I used zebra print for every other letter and a light green/dark green for the "bro" and dark pink with light green for the "sis."  I'll stitch them with a coordinating color.  I'll post them when I finish.

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