Saturday, May 12, 2012

Headband Tutorial

 Start with satin circles.  I cut out three different sizes, to make my flowers, you can make more or less.
 The cardboard circles I cut out.
 You flame the edges of each circle, and the middle too if you want a more textured flower.
 This is what it looks like after just the edges have been flamed.
 Repeat for the other circles.
 You can stack them with different colors.
 Or with the same color.
 Here are the ones that I placed together to see how they looked.
 These are all the pieces I flamed.  I did the middles of the middle circles, the rest I just did the edges and it took at least an hour.
 Ribbon, about 3 inches long
 Cross the ribbon over itself and put a little glue at the meeting place.
 Then fold it down and glue there (I do it a little below the original place I glued).
 Here are the bows I made, I liked the USA one without folding it over!
 Flame the edges with a candle or lighter.  I would have used a candle, but my daughter desperately wanted to blow the candle out.
 Glue a little circle on the bottom largest circle.
 Place the middle circle on the glue where you want it.  This shows how the burning the middle looks.
 Glue on the littlest circle.
 Glue on a middle, I just used a crystal bead.  You could always skip the glue and just sew the bead/button/adornment on, so no glue needed.
 I placed the three together to see how I liked it.
 And placed the bows how I liked.
 Then I put hot glue on the edge of the elastic that I cut to the size of my kiddo's head.  I use the small thin elastic from Bitsy Bands.  Once again, you can sew this instead.
 Once you glue the edges overlapping, glue a piece of felt on.
 Glue another piece of felt on the other side.  This gives us a place to glue the flowers on and it makes it so it doesn't hurt the kiddo's head!
 This is what it looked like after I glued.
  On the daughter who picked how it looked.
Four made a little differently.
 Some of the Summery ones I made after.
 Using thicker brown elastic and some animal print.  I love animal print!
 Another way of using the burned circles.  You can overlap them to make a larger flower in the back and the middle and small one to finish it off.
 Or you can make a HUGE one.  My 8-year-old LOVES it!
And another variety.

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