Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We moved!

All of our stuff is in our new house.  It only took loading a huge 26' Uhaul (loaded Friday, unloaded Saturday) and three minivans (that we packed and unpacked on Monday).  We managed to make it through the loading and unloading!  My back only hurt for awhile, phew!  Yesterday I finally came up for enough air from unpacking to remember I really needed to get utilities on here.  So, I did that and everything got turned on today!  AT&T had an awesome deal for tv and internet for only $55 a month!  Nice!  We both have cell phones, so don't need a home phone.  The only utility we have to pay a deposit for is water, not bad!  It's great to get a price break somewhere, considering how much I'm not used to paying a ton for rent. 
Scott made his first sale yesterday!  Hurray!  Now to make other 39 in the next month (or so).  If you want an insurance quote, he will gladly help you!  He can do almost any insurance (other than health insurance)! 
I won a prenatal workout DVD, which will be fun the last month (or so) of this pregnancy!  I've stopped entering so many giveaways, because I felt like it was a waste of my time.  I might do better going through stuff and selling the extra!  That way I'm earning the money and getting rid of unneeded things! 
The kitchen is unpacked, the living room is doing a little better (most of the boxes are in the closet), my room is slowly getting a craft section, and I've done some research on making cloth diapers.  I really want Joshua to be a cloth diaper baby!  I want to make some matching ties too, because I think that will make for some very cute pictures!  I am also working hard to get a new DSLR for way cheaper (due to the fact that Scott paid off his entire credit card bill today which shortens our reserve after we pay back our family).  I have high hopes that I can do it!  If nothing else, we'll be getting our Gas deposit back from Emporia!  Woohoo!
I will gladly post pictures when there aren't any boxes and I have pictures up.  Maybe in a couple of weeks (we'll see)!


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