Friday, May 4, 2012

Funny Journal

So, I was reading through an old journal to find something for my mom (and brother) and kept flipping to the end.  I have Thank you, Happy Birthday and I love you in 7 languages, You're welcome in 2 (which is strange, since I know it in 3), and then
Qualities looking for in Possible Husband: (mind you, don't need all.  I'm stuck with who I'm given)

Happy, Loves me for me, Doesn't mind my liabilities, Doesn't have a temper, Wants lots of kids, Has priesthood and honors it, has strong testimony and doesn't mind sharing it, mature, loves reading the scriptures, prays before big decisions (and little ones too, maybe), doesn't mind exercising, will go into Labor room with me, likes music, will dance with me, doesn't swear, is musical in some way, even if can only play radio, and somewhat confident.

I won't tell you which ones my husband has (or doesn't have), but it certainly cracked me up!  With almost everyone of the qualities, I think of a guy I dated (or refused to date) that helped me build that list.  Funny!

Then I was going through my son's first journal and I have two pages of BYU Football team signatures.  Cool!  I think I'm going to have to scan those in!  His Grandpa was a HUGE fan of BYU, so I'm sure he was very excited to help get those signatures in Ben's journal!  Somewhere I have pictures of Ben with his Grandpa and a few of the football players.

I should probably get to going, since I have to finish lunch for the kiddos, so we can head to Field Day.

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