Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great nap!

Yeah, that's the highlight of my day.  Sad, I know!  But, I only slept maybe five hours last night, so it was very much needed!  Poor Scott tried to wake me up and I told him that I couldn't do it, so four hour nap.  Wow!  I woke up to help put the kids to bed!  It was fantastic after the crazy morning we had!  I was so excited, because I was up early , and we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast (YUM!).  Baths take forever though!  And none of my children are completely accident free yet (that's why they're called accidents), so I don't feel secure in doing Saturday baths.  Does that make me a bad mom?  I hope not!  Either way, we were late to church, but not too late!  It would have helped considerably if my kids didn't take off for the water fountain as soon as we get there.  It was really sweet of a sister telling me that she thought I was doing a good job.  I looked at her dumbfounded and responded, "But my kids are running down the hall and I was just getting upset at them."  She replied, "But you're bringing them to church."  Well, good news, I'm doing something right!  Phew!  That was incredibly nice of her to say!  One of the Elders saw me on the other side of church (after chasing the kids down) and asked me how I was doing.  I'm exhausted!  That's how I'm doing (which I proved with my 4 hour nap)! 
Nursery was fantastic though!  I love those kiddos!  Trowtt and Addie both made it through the whole second hour of class without crying for parents!  Woohoo!  Ann did a fantastic job of entertaining them in a different way than usual, so we didn't even break out the toys!  I'm very glad they put her in there with me! 
Ben just fell asleep, but before he did he was cracking me up with his inventions.  He decided that gerbils needs scuba diving suits (with hand flippers), because they don't swim well and birds need winter clothes, because it's so cold.  He had some other ideas too, but I wasn't paying as close of attention!  What a great kiddo, now to get him in bed!

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