Thursday, February 24, 2011


My husband thinks umbrellas are useless.  So he doesn't like the fact that I bought the bigger kids their own umbrella a while back.  As it was raining today, I was so excited that my kids have their own umbrellas, so I could use mine!  Too bad that Kira's was in the backyard and I was already running late to class.  And Ben couldn't buckle his seatbelt, because it somehow got put on the backside of the seat.  Ben couldn't share his umbrella, because:  "It's too small, mom!"  Bummer!  So, I had to give up my umbrella for Kira.  I don't want her getting wet and sick and it was bad enough that I was dropping them off on the corner!  I get to school and there are no parking spots anywhere close to my class (that was now starting).  I can usually find a spot (that I still have to pay for) across campus, so I parked there.  Then I needed to run across campus in my hoodless coat and heavy backpack in the cold rain.  It would have been more fun if I wasn't running so late!  I really do like running in warm rain when I'm in shape!  Funnily enough,  that shape isn't round (which is what I am right now).  The good news is that by the time I am in shape, we'll be having warm rain!  Then I'll be fine running in the rain.  In the meantime, I'll be buying more spare umbrellas to be prepared! 

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  1. yeah but the umbrella were useless today with the wind.